TenIntelligence - An Overview

TenIntelligence is a leading influence in the due diligence, fraud investigationsbrand protection and privacy community. With operational teams in our UK and UAE offices, our Analysts and Consultants deliver investigation services for our clients across multiple jurisdictions.

Our Team all have operational experience in a variety of global jurisdictions and industries. We work closely with our clients to provide analytical insight which is proportionate to the risks faced by each client.

Due Diligence

Effective due diligence enables risks to be avoided. TenIntelligence provides clients with critical insight and confidence into the people, organisations and investments with which they conduct business with – we will safeguard your reputation and protect you from potential risks and regulatory breaches. All businesses are different, but they all require elements of due diligence, compliance and governance.


The detection of corporate fraud usually arises from an internal audit finding, an anonymous tip off, suspicion, complaint, whistle-blower or allegation. In our extensive experience, suspicions of fraud are normally well founded, irrespective of the source. We always trust our clients’ instincts and consult with them in depth to develop a strategy and investigation plan that suits the suspicion.

Brand Protection

Protecting your image, brand and reputation is an integral part of the success of a business. Your intellectual property can be at risk from those individuals and companies who look to bypass this reputation by taking your ideas, trademarks, products and services. Our intelligence gathering and international law enforcement liaison will equip clients with the reliable evidence they require to take further legal action.

Privacy & GDPR

TenIntelligence offers support and delivers Privacy Advisory services to assist with your organisation’s readiness and continued compliance for General Data Protection Regulations, Cyber-Security and Response. Working with decision makers we assist in the implementation of GDPR measures, and help audit your organisation’s readiness and resiliency by testing systems, processes and infrastructure for security soundness.