Anti-Counterfeiting Intelligence

Anti-Counterfeiting Intelligence

Proactive searches for online and physical trademark infringement in the UAE and META regions.

Once an infringement has been identified, our team will build a profile of the company or individual to assist in identifying the source of the infringer.

Meeting with the trader/infringer is performed as part of this process.

Case Study

A US computer networking company was supplied with information that a company in Dubai was purporting to sell counterfeit networking equipment to both the local and international market.

Our consultants formed a “rapport” with the company and organised a meeting at their offices to arrange for the payment and collection of some products and during the meeting it was made apparent that the company had a further sister concern located in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

The sample purchases were sent to Europe and verified as both counterfeit and illegally upgraded products.

With this confirmation we liaised with Dubai CID, prepared and submitted a complaint (in order to get approval from the Dubai Courts and from Jebel Ali Free Zone Customs to conduct the raids) and arranged to attend simultaneous raids at both locations in Dubai and the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

On this occasion owing to the verification process required for the networking products an expert from Europe was given permission to verify the products on site, enabling Dubai CID to make necessary arrests with the products confiscated immediately.