Asset Tracing

Asset Tracing

The illicit gains from corporate fraud are often concealed in complex financial accounts, offshore trusts and shell companies, but ultimately, fraudsters use this money to finance their lavish lifestyles or to hide their gambling debts. Speed is critical to successful recoveries. Our Fraud Examiners have extensive international experience in working with the legal and law enforcement profession to identify, locate and help freeze the proceeds of fraud using forensic research and investigation techniques.

We identify properties, commercial interests and other recoverable assets, we help unravel and plot complex offshore company structures using link charting techniques, and liaise with the appropriate financial institutions to assist in the detection and recovery of assets gained from fraud.

Asset Profiling: Pre-Litigation

We conduct asset profiling investigations for solicitors who are looking to establish whether an individual or company has any significant assets or liabilities before pursuing costly litigation.

Asset Profiling: Significant Debtors

Organisations often give lines of credit to their regular or trusted customers to keep revenue streams operating. On occasions, these credit lines become large debts. We help clients establish whether an individual or company has any significant assets that could be used as leverage for a repayment plan.

Case Study

Acting for a UK law firm, their London based client had incurred a significant debt from one of it’s customers.  The customer in question had defaulted on a repayment scheme and was not responding to correspondence.

Using basic information provided by the client, our team managed to research, locate and identify several properties in the United Kingdom owned by the debtor worth over £2,000,000.

The UK law firm was then able to successfully file and levy freezing application orders on the property.