Providing organisations with the information they require to make informed decisions is critical.  Accurate information will allow you to work with confidence, compliance and assurance.

All of our due diligence services and regulatory guidance covers the majority of jurisdictions across the globe.

How we can help:

TenIntelligence provides clients with various assurance services; helping them:

  • interrogate CVs, application forms and corporate history specifically looking for undisclosed red flags, adverse findings, false or exaggerated statements and report these findings to the client
  • apply Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) measures to manage and mitigate risks appropriately
  • with the required regulatory due diligence on domestic and international directors appointed to AIM and FTSE listed companies
Background Checks & Executive Screening

Background checks into senior executives and new hires, entails rigorous interrogation and analysis of information gathered from a range of open sources, subscribed databases, press articles, company registries, court searches, public records and documents, as well social media platforms.

Our background screening covers multiple global jurisdictions and research is performed in various key languages.

Our team of Analysts and Associates interrogate the individual’s CV, application forms and corporate history specifically looking for adverse information and risk, including undisclosed red flags, conflicting findings, false or exaggerated statements and report these findings to the client.

Depending on the level of research required, our searches will include:

Insolvency / Bankruptcy research:

Checking whether an applicant has ever been made bankrupt or is currently going through insolvency proceedings.

Directorships, Shareholdings and Affiliations:

Examining whether applicants have undisclosed directorship appointments, or shareholdings that may hide conflicts of interest or a history of failed companies.

Disqualified Directorships:

Cross-referencing Disqualified Directorships and Banned Registers to search if an applicant is unfitting to be a company director or adviser.

Reported Court Cases, County Court Judgments, Liens and Litigation checks:

As part of the screening process, we search for undeclared court cases and CCJs. This research often identifies financial difficulties, as well as commercial disputes between individuals and other parties.

Criminal Records:

Criminal record checks are available in the UK and the majority of overseas jurisdictions; however, most jurisdictions require the individual to apply directly themselves. We advise clients whether criminal record searches can be performed and what information/processes are required.

Regulatory Membership and Enforcement searches:

Professional associations, financial services and other regulated market authorities will have membership directories, banned registers and enforcements lists. We interrogate these sources to identify adverse findings, as well as verify memberships.

National and International Sanctions research:

Compliance regulations and good practice now requires sanction searches across multiple jurisdictions to be completed before a transaction or engagement can be concluded. Sanction searches include Politically Exposed Person searches, State-Owned relationships, Persons of Significant Interest, Financial Services’ enforcement/fines and other international registers.

Adverse National and International Media research:

Searching through press articles dating back over the last 40 plus years often uncovers adverse or negative press on an applicant or entity. Press research may also identify historical employment that uncover potential dismissals and conflicting relationships that had been omitted from CVs and application forms.

Employment, Education and Professional Qualifications:

Our vetting and reference checks will verify an applicant’s working history looking for gaps in employment, false dates, inflated salaries and exaggerated positions. Contacting universities and professional institutions often uncovers lapsed memberships, degrees that were not awarded, incomplete or failed courses and other discrepancies.

Industry Insight:

We provide clients with an independent analysis of an applicant’s character and assess the appropriateness of their professional background by speaking with former colleagues, clients, senior management that worked with the applicant.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

When dealing with individuals or companies established in high-risk jurisdictions, or are exposed to other cases of high risk, organisations are required to apply Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) measures to manage and mitigate those risks appropriately.

Organisations are required by anti-money-laundering directives, to assess, as far as reasonably possible, the background and purpose of all complex and unusually large transactions.  This also includes researching any unusual transaction patterns, which do not have any economic or lawful appearance.

In particular, organisations shall increase the degree and nature of monitoring of the business relationship, in order to determine whether those transactions or activities appear suspicious.

Our EDD goes above and beyond financial regulatory requirements as well as setting “good governance” in other industries.

How we can help:

  • We engage trusted local on-the-ground and human sources which provides an additional level of assurance that online sources cannot
  • We determine the subjects’ integrity, ability, reputation, and possible exposure to sanctions lists and litigation
  • Providing clients with accurate and detailed intelligence they can use to confidently make business decisions
  • Perform industry insight interviews in relation to senior executive hires or directors of listed companies; as well as listed companies themselves.


What does Industry Insight entail and why is it such a vital part of enhanced due diligence? Read here for further analysis.

Regulatory Compliance (Financial Services)

Furnishing corporate investors and advisors with relevant background intelligence enables them to make sound investment decisions, whilst knowing their compliance and regulatory fears are protected.

Our analysis of new territories, emerging markets, ultimate beneficial owners, third-party risks, Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and on-going monitoring provides clients with a new standard of due diligence.

How we can help:

Our team provides due diligence services for clients regulated under the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s supervision and other internationally regulated financial market authorities, helping them with their required compliance.

We regularly assist nominated advisers, corporate finance brokers and private equity companies acting for AIM and FTSE and other international listed companies, (as directed by the London Stock Exchange rules and regulations;) with due diligence on domestic and international directors and beneficial owners.

We help clients comply with:

  • in adhering to the FCA’s approved persons’ regime
  • Enhanced Due Diligence requirements
  • anti-corruption and anti-money laundering rules and guidance; and
  • providing background checks for consumer credit organisations who fall under Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 regimes