Brand & Intellectual Property

Brand & Intellectual Property

Counterfeiting and trademark infringements are serious Intellectual Property crimes that defraud consumers, threaten health and safety and violate the rights of trademark, patent, and copyright owners.  “Fake” or “Forged” products pose a significant threat to consumers’ safety, by unsuspectingly putting their health in jeopardy each time they use counterfeited products.

Alcoholic beverages, food products, electronic goods, software, toys and luxury items, automobiles and aircraft parts maintained with substandard or counterfeit parts continue to be a huge risk to consumers and the brand owners’ reputation.  Our team helps brand owners gather the evidence required to produce prosecution packages for private and criminal proceedings.

Our brand protection headquarters is based in Dubai, UAE, which gives us local knowledge when we are asked to help brand owners and clients with market surveys, test purchases and intellectual property due diligence research in the Middle East.  Recent cases have involved working in the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

We provide the following brand protection services:

Market Surveys & Test Purchases

The information and evidence gathered from our covert market survey programmes, equips our clients with the reliable evidence packages they require to take further legal action against counterfeiters and trademark infringers.

Controlled test or trap purchases are often the best way to collect evidence that a trader is selling counterfeit products.

Our team prepares evidence reports which include the name of the target, the known quantities that are involved and provide photographs of the products, its packaging and labels enabling our clients to take action with the authorities if required.

Law Enforcement Liaison

Working alongside and liaising with Law enforcement authorities in the UAE, including Police, Customs, Economic Development Departments and Municipalities is critical for the safe removal of counterfeit products from the market.

Our team provides evidence for these government authorities to act upon and we often assist them on conducting anti-counterfeiting raids on the targets we identify.

Anti-Counterfeiting Intelligence

Proactive searches for online and physical trademark infringement in the UAE and META regions. Once an infringement has been identified, our team will build a profile of the company or individual to assist in identifying the source of the infringer. Meeting with the trader/infringer is often performed as part of this process.

Checking the validity of new trademark, domain or brand name without performing due diligence into the name, jurisdiction and culture is often overlooked. This can cause embarrassment and even litigation risks from other third parties who have already filed or use the trademark.

Our team performs in-use investigations and domain name investigations as part of the IP due diligence process.