Brand Protection

We are here to PROTECT your brand and keep your customers safe.

Brand Protection

Counterfeiting and trademark infringements are serious Intellectual Property crimes that defraud consumers, threaten health and safety and violate the rights of trademark, patent, and copyright owners.  “Fake” or “Forged” products pose a significant threat to consumers’ safety, by unsuspectingly putting their health in jeopardy each time they use counterfeited products.

World trade in FAKE goods is rising.

Alcoholic beverages, food products, electronic goods, software, toys and luxury items, automobiles and aircraft parts maintained with substandard or counterfeit parts continue to be a huge risk to consumers and the brand owners’ reputation.

Our team helps brand owners gather the evidence required to produce prosecution packages for private and criminal proceedings.

We offer a truly GLOBAL reach.

Our brand protection headquarters is based in Dubai, UAE, which gives us local knowledge when we are asked to help brand owners and clients with market surveys, test purchases and intellectual property due diligence research in the Middle East.  Recent cases have involved working in the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

TenIntelligence has a long, established and trustful relationship with local Law Enforcement Agencies (including Police, Customs, Economic Development Departments and Municipalities) in the different Emirates, which allows us to work alongside them collaboratively for the identification and safe removal of counterfeit products.

Identify | Enforce | Destroy

Our brand protection services begin with IDENTIFYING counterfeit and infringing products, followed by carrying out ENFORCEMENT action with local UAE Law Enforcement Agencies, and having goods seized until issuance is received from the Courts for its DESTRUCTION.

Step 1 | Identify

  • Check the validity of new trademarks, domain or brand names by performing in-use investigations and domain name investigations as part of the IP due diligence process
  • Conduct test purchases to confirm the originality of the products as well as performing due diligence into the suspected traders to identify any associated businesses.
  • Proactive searches for online and physical trademark infringement in the UAE and META regions.
  • Perform site visits to known and suspected premises to collect trader details, images and descriptions of products and other supporting evidence.

Step 2 | Enforce

  • With our clients’ instructions, we arrange enforcement action and file complaints directly with the relevant Law Enforcement Agency (LEA).
  • We continue to liaise with the LEA to arrange suitable timings for the enforcement and notify supporting logistics companies to attend the raid site.
  • During the enforcement action, our team will perform a count on the number and type of products seized, prepare enforcement reports along with supporting witness statements and submit to the LEA.
  • Our clients are updated regularly throughout the entire enforcement process.

Step 3 | Destroy

  • Our work does not stop there, the team will ensure the case is transferred from the LEA to the relevant Court and have the products released and destroyed.
  • After attending the controlled destruction process, we provide clients with a destruction certificate and finalise the enforcement action reports accordingly.
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