Cyber Security


The unstoppable growth and dynamic of cyber-crime mean organisations of all sizes need to rethink their approach to the security. Everyone knows that security is important, and we all rely on the Internet, IT and other connected systems, all of which without the appropriate protection could be at risk from cyber-attack. These attacks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and stealthier, targeting people, networks and devices.

We provide the following jargon-free, cyber simplified advice and services to all organisations:

Ensuring vulnerabilities that leave you open to attack are minimised is critical to your environment’s security posture. We work with you to identify critical vulnerabilities using technical/non-technical methods with our penetration testing service, providing threat vulnerability and risk assessments and supporting security improvement plans.
Providing an experienced security executive for your strategic security discussions or planning. Using our Chief Information Security Officer is a perfect way for you and your clients to be assured your receiving the latest information and threat landscape when you need and have the strategic response if required. Alternatively, use the coverage while recruiting permanent replacement and our CISO can assist in the candidate search and vetting.
The investigative discipline ‘Digital Forensics’ can provide evidential investigation support pre/post cyber-attack. Our Forensic Examiners are trained to safely preserve and examine data found on digital devices and networks often identifying the root cause of incident and evidence.