Fraud & Corruption Investigation – Electronics

Fraud & Corruption Investigation - Electronics

Our CEO was part of a fraud investigation team working for a multi-national electronics company who had several manufacturing plants in Juarez, Mexico, an area which is often a hostile and dangerous environment to conduct business.

After conducting a fraud risk review, the fraud investigation team identified several senior executives who were accepting bribes from a local narcotics cartel to supply them with arranged over-run production items.

These high value items were then sold on the black market by the cartel. Over three years, the fraud had cost the company $5.8m.  In addition, the company had to bear the cost of removing the fraudsters, increasing its physical security and to hire a new leadership team.

The team also uncovered additional instances of fraud and corruption in the  procurement department and from their vendors that led to investigations, surveillance and interviews being conducted across the Mexican Border Zones, Texas and San Francisco.

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