Our Due Diligence, Investigation and Protection Services

Working closely with our clients, we will continue to:

• provide our clients with the core tools to prevent, detect and investigate fraud & infringement
• protect our clients’ reputations from risk through effective due diligence and investigation
• keep our clients’ digital and physical resilience through appropriate ‘security by design’
• protect our clients, people and their livelihoods from harm
• and deliver the highest levels of professional support, often in difficult circumstances, by building and maintaining trusted relationships

Organisations enter into financial and operational arrangements such as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, tenders and partnerships based on trust, people, financial results, opportunities and reputation. We specialise in identifying the hidden risks by reporting on adverse elements to avoid potentially expensive mistakes before a prospective deal, engagement or transaction is completed. All organisations are different, but they all require elements of compliance, screening and assurance.

The detection of corporate fraud usually arises from an internal audit finding, an anonymous tip-off, suspicion, complaint, whistle-blower or allegation. In our extensive experience, suspicions of fraud are normally well-founded, irrespective of the source. We trust our clients’ instincts and consult with them in depth to develop a strategy and investigation plan that suits the suspicion.

An organisation’s resilience is the ability to withstand changes to its operational environment without having to permanently adapt. The capability to effectively address the issues of security, preparedness and risk determines its strength to withstand brand infringement crises, to deflect cyber attacks, and works to improve its reputation with stakeholders and customers. All organisations are different, but they all require elements of brand, cyber and data protection to maintain a successful and thriving enterprise.