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Strategic Intelligence

Geo-Political Risk

Investing or operating in adverse business environments or foreign jurisdictions is a daunting proposition for businesses, the financial rewards can be staggering but the risks can equally be devastating. Environmental conditions, shifting regulations, political fluctuations and cultural changes are all risks that an organisation will face over time.

Collecting reliable intelligence on diverse business customs, fraud risks, corruption levels, political influences and the regulatory environment enables clients to seize opportunities with assurance in these jurisdictions.

An analysis and an interactive map covering the key jurisdictions we have recently performed due diligence and investigations, can be found here Geo-Political Risk Map:

Supply Chain & Third Party Assurance

A robust third-party assurance programme allows your organisation to ensure the data and systems it entrusts to its providers are maintained in a secure and compliant manner.  Proper due diligence and risk analysis are critical components delivering the assurance programme and should become an integral part of contract management.

Third party due diligence should focus on the thorough vetting of organisations, prior to establishing or continuing a relationship.

How we can help

  • Design and develop written third-party agreements, policies and procedures to promote consistency and mutual understanding between the business and service provider
  • Conduct audits across the business to review, identify and assess known and unknown risks, including site visits, physical security reviews and provide an assurance opinion
  • Design, develop and maintain the monitoring regime of the service provider and its compliance to business policies and legislation
  • Design and implementation of processes and procedures for assessment compliance regimes

Competitor Intelligence

Understanding who, how, where and what your competitors are planning is a fundamental facet in business. Using our analysis allows our clients to anticipate competitive threats, identify product launches, recruitment campaigns and expansions into new markets.

How we can help:

We administer ethical fact finding and innovative research techniques that identify and evaluate competitors strategies to help determine their capabilities, vulnerabilities, intentions, strengths and weaknesses, relative to those of your own product or service.  Helping to provide clients with the knowledge they require to help integrate focused decisions, identify new markets and seize fresh opportunities.

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