Updates from our Dubai office

High End Luxury Jewellery Factory – Instagram – Dubai
One of the largest law firms in the Middle East instructed TenIntelligence to carry out investigations into an Instagram account which was marketing the sale of counterfeit luxury jewellery. The case lasted over three months owing to the fact the account holder was not a UAE resident. TenIntelligence operatives together with the assistance of local law enforcement were able to identify the location of the factory where the high end jewellery was being manufactured. A raid on the premises secured over 10,000 pieces of precious stones, gems and other jewellery shaped in the form of the client’s trademark.

Approximately 30,000 pieces of counterfeit items seized from a farm in Sharjah

TenIntelligence conducted the largest raid to date at a farm located in Sharjah, UAE. The estimated seizure was worth approximately 500,000USD, with the products occupying three truckloads. The goods are now secured in a storage facility and will remain there until the issuance of their destruction from the Courts.

TenIntelligence invited to attend the Dubai Customs workshop ahead of IPR week

TenIntelligence received a personal invitation to attend a workshop hosted by Dubai Customs ahead of IPR Week. The IPR Workshop is a week-long event held by Dubai Customs each year to mark World Intellectual Property Day (26 April). The event was attended by customs inspectors and officials, together with other UAE government departments and private sector vendors and brand owners.